A Word from the Chair

As the chair of the NAACE Board of Management (BOM) at the time of writing, I am delighted to be able to kick off this NAACE BOM blog.

We hope that this will be an opportunity to share, with our members and beyond, the work we do as a board to ensure that NAACE continues to be a vibrant and successful organisation that champions the use of technology to enhance learning.

The board met recently in Bury for one of our ‘strategic’ meetings. On this particular occasion we took the opportunity to revisit our vision and values. This is always a useful exercise and ensures that the board and our Chief Executive, Mark Chambers, remain of one mind and are aligned in our planning for the next few years. Central to those plans are the continuation and development of some of our significant projects such as the Self Review Framework/ICT Mark and the 3rd Millennium Learning Award, to mention just a couple of things.

Foremost in our minds at the moment and a source of great excitement is the prospect of our forthcoming annual conference, taking place in Nottingham on 25th and 26th March. We have adopted a title of ‘Failing to Succeed’, a play on words that identifies the importance of encountering and overcoming difficulty in the learning process. We have a stunning lineup of speakers from the internationally renowned to the inspirational classroom practitioner and we have a range of sessions and content that will thoroughly engage delegates, whatever their background. Importantly there will also be the space for those essential, professional conversations between practitioners, consultants, school leaders, policy makers and industry that have always enriched our conference so well.

At and beyond conference, we also hope to engage more with members and partners internationally, and on a personal level, I am very much looking forward to attending our Irish neighbours’ (CESI) conference in a week or two – another great opportunity to share in the excitement of those who are taking learning to another level. We are also constantly seeking ways in which we can further our aims with and through our members and partners, whether that be through professional development opportunities, networking, the sharing of best practice or accreditation.

I hope to see you at our conference for a chat, but do feel free to engage with the board through this blog and its comments.


One thought on “A Word from the Chair

  1. I like the educational nature of the Naace Strategic Conference theme!

    It’s also a nice play on how many schools are still “failing to succeed” when it comes to making the most effective use of technology in the classroom!

    I’m just booking my place at the conference as I know that this is such a great opportunity to meet with other Naace members, school leaders and the sponsoring partners of Naace. The Strategic conference – for both members and non-members of Naace – now seems to be the best place to discuss the really important issues and innovative practice of Computing in the curriculum and the use of ICT to enhance learning in all subject areas!


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